An Open Letter to Secretory General of United Nations..

- August 08, 2017

August 07th, 2017

From :

Mr. Kevalsinh Babubhai Rathod

Convener, Social unity and awareness forum.

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Dr.Ambedkar nagar,
At - Kob, Ta - Una,
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Hon. Secretory general,

United nations, Newyork.

Respected sir,

Sub : 'Humble request to take strict action against the anti-social elements who practice caste base atrocities in India.'

I am a social activist and working as a convener of social unity and awareness forum in Gujarat.

We thousands youth people are working for the organization from every cast and community in Gujarat.

The organization is doing some social activities like support to clean India movements and save girl child mission, campaign against caste base atrocities and superstition, aware to people for social unity and do needful services for society and nation.

It is totallynonpolitical and non-religious group.

I would like to say something important and original reality of scheduled caste people in Gujarat.

As per the census of 2011, more than five million SC people are resident in Gujarat state.

From last many years SC people are suffering more and more caste base atrocities and hunting by so called high community.

The Una highlighted by derogatory resistance last year.

Nowadays it is apecenter of caste base atrocities in India.

It is biggest taluka of our country and more than 30,000 SC people are living in this taluka.

The anti-social elements and Manuvadi people are criticize the article 17th of the constitution of India, and we the people of India just watching to them without take any strict action.

The victims of Una flogging are waiting for justice since one year but they did not get proper justice yet, Other side the criminals of the case are releasing from the court.

It is the duty of state government to file appeal to upper court against the bail applications of the criminals but government do not do anything about it.

As per the promise, the state government should transfer the case from local court to special atrocity court but it cannot upkeep its promise.

Recently two young men, who are relatives of the victims were bitten by the so called Gaurakshak at Una.

State government should ban all the so called Gaurakshaks and their illegal groups and organization.

The victims have no any proper residential and sanitation facilities for staying at their villages so state/central government should provide subsidies to build their houses and toilets but the victims are still waiting for it.

The state government should provide proper security to the victims and witnesses of this case as per law.

The second caste base atrocity victim Mrs. Laxmiben Chauhan is still waiting for justice for her husband's cruel murder at her home at midday by so called high caste people in June 2012.

The all criminals are wounding freely at their village and Una but no one can do anything.

Police and other officers are puppets of the criminals.

She has no any proper residential and sanitation facilities for staying at her villages so state/central government should provide subsidy to build the house and toilet but she is still waiting for it.

She applied for government's economic assistance from Dr. Ambedkar Foundation - New Delhi, in the year of 2012 but she is still waiting for the assistance.

She is suffering from kidney related disease but she has no money for treatment.

The third and very brutal case on caste base atrocity happened in Ankolali village of Una in September 2012.

Mr. Lalji Kala Sarvaiya burned alive at his own home by cruel criminals and anti-social elements of the village at midday.

The other villagers and people were looking it but no one could do anything against the anti-social elements.

His body was burn very badly so post mortem became very critical at that time.

After death of Mr. Lalji, his all 18th family members left their own home, cattle, farm and everything and moved to Una city to survive with safety.

After long fight against the government and administration, finally four year later the victims get officially certificate of evacuee.

Nevertheless, the victims gave their occupancy rights of their farm and houses to the state government, government provide return these land and plots to Delwada village after four years.
The victims have no any proper residential and sanitation facilities for staying at their villages so state/central government should provide subsidies to build their houses and toilets but the victims are still waiting for it.

The land provide by government is uneven land so the people cannotbe sowing, administration should interfere on it and help the victims as per MNREGA.

The other very serious case about caste base atrocity is, illegal demolition of Buddhavihara at Motha village in December 2016.

It is all related to cast system in India. The SC people of the Motha village cannot allowed to go to the Hindu temple because of so called lower cast.
The SC people tried many time and requested to the preachers for worship but they did not allow.

After many years of exploitation SC people decide to build Buddhavihara and they do it, then so called untouchable people were going to Buddhavihara for worship but the Manuvadi people did not like it so they support local Manuvadi officers and destroyed the Buddhavihar without proper order or permission of state/central government.

Last 4th April people of Una engaged and displayed against the illegal demolition of Buddhavihara.

Then it became cool after written proceeding signed by SC leaders and administration.

The victims are still roaming one office to other office for their rights but government officers do not do anything for SC people.

Villagers already registered FIR against the anti-social elements but the police and administration do not do anything, they are still in relax mood.

As per article number 25 to 28 the constitution of India gives equal rights to every citizen to worship and believe in any religion or sect but the constitution of Una is difference from the constitution of India.

I think central government should interfere this matter and give justice to the SC people as per law.

State government's officers also involve in this types of such atrocities.

26 Farmers got land at Dudhala village of Una from the government in 1978 as per the land act.

They were happy with the decision of government because they were born as a labor and then got their own land.

But some Manuvadi people did not like this and they planned to disturb on it.

They took support of the Manuvadi government officers and did resumption of these lands in the year of 2016.

Nowadays the all 26 SC family are totally unemployed by this land resumption.

The bureaucrats resume that land only base of caste and capture SC people's land only.

This land is breath of the farmers.

Already other farmers are dying by load of debt in India and this case the 26 farmers are living without breath.

State/central government must interfere on it and give justice to the 26 poor farmer’s family as soon as possible.

The SC people are not only suffering in uneducational field but also they are hunting in educational field by cast base atrocities.

The victim of teacher recruitment scheme Mr. Manshing Chavda was merit holder candidate but he was not selected because of caste discrimination in the year of 2008.

He is living at Piplava village of Sutrapada and doing laboring after high qualification.
He got proper marks and all the stuff of the recruitment process but he did not invite for interview and the interviewer did Manshing's proxy sign in register.

Mr. Manshing has all the documents and proof about the recruitment process but he has no money to go to the court and challenge the illegal recruitment process.

One of the educational unemployed is roaming from one office to another office but he did not find justice yet.

Mrs. Bhanuben Sankhat living at Una now, she hunted by cast base atrocity in the year of 1990 at Kandhi village of Una but unfortunately her family not declared evacuee yet.

She has her own house, farm and some little property but she cannot go to the village Because of the fear of the criminal.

She is demanding to the administration to declare her family as an evacuee family, she is demanding for police security but the officers of police and administration department are swinging in the hangover of power. The victim has no any proper residential and sanitation facilities for staying at their villages so state/central government should provide subsidies to build her house and toilet but the victim is still waiting for it.

She and her 26th year young daughter are roaming one office to another office for their rights, sometimes some rascal officers molesting them and take disadvantage of their condition.

After Una resistance, we supposed that it would stop all the caste base atrocities in Una taluka but it is not want to stop.

Una flogging was the reason of revolution against the castism, against the Manuvad, against the injustice but finally truth is something difference.

Unfortunately, there were happened two major atrocities and FIR also registered at Una police station after Una flogging.

Mrs. Jiviben was not subordinate for sex, so she was bitten by the criminal and the criminal burned her house for it.

Then people got together and support to the lady to register FIR against him and gave courage to fight against the anti-social elements.

She is still living without house in the rainy season.

The victim has no any proper residential and sanitation facilities for staying at their villages so state/central government should provide subsidies to build her house and toilet but the victim is still waiting for it.

Other atrocity happened on Mrs. Valiben Babariya, she is widow lady and living at Motimoli village with her daughter.

She was not bowing against the so called high class people so Manuvadi people did not like her attitude. Her daughter was kidnapped and raped by some Muslims criminals, then she registered FIR against the criminals.

So the criminals targeted and attacked on her and broke the bone of leg and injured other parts of body by sharp weapons.

She is still on the bed and not walking well, ones again the criminals attacked on her house in midnight by stone and shouted abuse words against her caste.

She registered FIR against the anti-social elements but police and administration nothing doing anything.

She is living with fear at her own home.

Not just men but women are also suffered cast base atrocities.

The SC women are not safe in India.

Humble request to you please do something and take strict action against the anti-social elements who practicing untouchability and castism in the nation so 320 million SC people get their fundamental right as per the constitution of India.

The dragon of untouchability makes our country very poor, we must stand up, we must stand strong and fight, fight for very sole of our nation.

And till every nation touchable, we all are untouchable.
We want to change and we can.

Jay Bharat...!!


Your faithfully,                                                                        
Mr. Kevalsinh Rathod

Note : Please forward the massege and support to stop caste base atrocities in india..!!